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As you arrive at Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport, alternatively known as Varadero Airport, you will be able to obtain a Varadero airport taxi to take you to your hotel room from the taxi ranks outside the terminal building. The Varadero airport taxis generally charge between 25CUC and 30CUC for a trip to Varadero town. It is possible to negotiate the price down to a lower rate but these are the normal rates.

An airport toll charge of 2CUC is imposed on all vehicles accessing the airport. It is therefore important to inquire from the taxi driver as to who is to cater for this cost.

Alternatively, if you do not want the hustle of bargaining with the Varadero Airport taxis, you can ask your hotel to organise a taxi to get you from the airport. The charges should be more or less within the same range as the rates charged by the Varadero Airport taxis.

The beauty of using a taxi to travel from the airport to the hotel is the flexibility it comes with. You have the option of passing by historical places or tourist attractions on your way to the hotel.

Within Varadero town there are other modes of transportation. There are Coco taxis which can be described as motorised sphere structures. These are commonly used when one wants to move from point to point within the city. They offer a good moving platform from which to view the city. There are also horses and carriages for hire. These can be hired at 9CUC per hour, 12CUC for two hours or 20CUC for the whole day. These options offer fine alternatives to the Varadero airport taxis.

Varadero airport taxis are a very reliable mode of transportation from the airport to the city as the drivers know the surrounding towns inside out. When you are not sure of your destination it is always wise to take a Varadero airport taxi.
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